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Welcome, Contributors!

Wyoming Illustrated Magazine seeks to promote and celebrate the talented artists, writers and photographers who love Wyoming as much as we do!  Full credit and promotional information will be prominently displayed to benefit the artist and promote/market their contributions.


We seek to commission photographers and writers to contribute to our full-color, high quality print magazine. Our editor reviews all submissions and will notify you via email of your selection.


Chosen candidates will be provided with a schedule of future submissions and topics that we are seeking.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: We are not looking for heavily-edited, unrealistic, or artistic interpretations at this time. Stacked photos for night time and sky exposure are accepted. Please submit low resolution images below. You must provide high resolution images upon acceptance for publishing. Life in Wyoming is wild and primal at times. Hunting and circle-of-life wildlife images are welcome, but please use discretion in your choice of submissions. Images must be clear, tell a story, and represent Wyoming in a positive way.  Special consideration will be given to images that represent often overlooked subject matter such as events, people, out of the way scenes and elusive wildlife. Schwabacher Landing in Grand Teton National Park is beautiful, but there's so much more to Wyoming.


WRITERS: Be aware that Wyoming Illustrated purchases first serial rights for print and exclusive rights for digital format.  Contributions to Wyoming Illustrated Magazine may also be used for promotional purposes promoting and benefiting both the artist and the magazine without additional payment. We are not accepting fictional pieces at this time. Poetry may be considered on occasion. Submit writing samples of 150 words or longer via email to: with email header: "WRITING QUERY: (Your Full Name)"


Have a great idea for an article? 

We are always looking for new and interesting features about Wyoming and its people. Feel free to email us with story ideas and introductions.


BLOGGERS: Looking for more exposure? Let's share our audiences for a win/win!  Email your web address to with email header: "BLOG QUERY: (Your full name)" for link-sharing and mutual promotion opportunities. 


Please note that while we cannot reply to all submissions, we appreciate our contributors and will do our best to supply ample guidance in what we are looking to publish.

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